• Brand values
  • Purpose
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand voice
  • Visual identity


Since 1803 RAA has built a strong reputation as an organization South Australians can rely on. With a successful decade of business transformation and growth behind them, RAA sought to redefine their brand to meet shifting consumer expectations and a changing role for the car in the future.

Research acknowledged strong awareness and trust in RAA, but we also learned South Australians weren’t widely aware of the breadth of RAA’s products and still considered RAA primarily a motoring organisation. With a shift in brand positioning required, we worked with RAA to define a strategy to show South Australians that the organisation can help keep their lives moving in all kinds of ways beyond motoring. As a membership organisation, RAA’s purpose – keeping members moving – guides the strategy, through every brand experience. We reshaped the brand architecture around the core business pillars of Motor, Home and Travel, to help South Australian’s better understand what RAA do and create a platform for new initiatives. And to bring everything together, we worked with the People and Culture team to redefine the organisational values to support the brand evolution.

Modernising a distinctive identity
To align the brand identity with our strategy and maintain high levels of brand awareness, we started by identifying the key areas of equity in the existing identity. These were developed and added to create a set of distinctive visual assets – included developing the logo and creating a dynamic line graphic based on the brand idea of keeping lives moving. A complete visual identity system was developed which included colour palettes, illustrations, icons and typography. We created photography principles and developed an image library. The foundation of the library was a seven day photographic shoot across South Australia capturing images around the core business pillars and their community commitment. The brand voice was also reshaped, giving it a human quality that will help RAA connect with its members, It’s about being confident can doers, and practically progressive with a local spirit.

Making it live
Working across all areas of the organisation we bought the identity to life across everything from digital and signage to environments and vehicles. To guide efficiency and consistency we created an online brand and asset management portal. Through one central point RAA team members, partner businesses and suppliers can access the information they need about the brand, how the visual and verbal identity should be used and download assets from logo artworks and colour palettes to photography and icons.

Managing change
Adapting well-loved brands requires a nuanced strategy to manage change. Starting from the inside out, we crafted the change story through purpose and values. By uniting the team and ensuring they understood their role in creating memorable brand experiences, we created momentum for the new positioning. And in launching the identity itself, we communicated with RAA employees and members as one, through a vibrant launch campaign incorporating digital, motion graphics and social.