• Brand values
  • Purpose
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand voice
  • Visual identity


A new brand identity for an iconic South Australian brand with an ambitious vision.

Since 1803 RAA has built a strong reputation as an organization South Australians can rely on and trust. But they have a bold vision – to continue to build a stronger commitment to their members. However South Australians know RAA primarily as a motoring organization. Research suggested that they are not aware of the full breadth of RAA’s products and services, and don’t see the brand as the dynamic organization RAA they’re becoming.

We worked with RAA to help define a purpose and strategy that would show SA that they’re not just helping them with Road Service, but with their life in all kinds of ways. Keeping them safe, secure and on the move, both in SA and when they’re on holiday. The brand purpose is built with members at the heart – to keep life moving for South Australians. And we reshaped the brand architecture around the core business pillars of Motor, Home and Travel, to help South Australian’s better understand what RAA do.

The new brand identity reflects the core idea of movement which is at the heart of the strategy and keeps the best of what RAA’s known for – yellow and black.

We also reshaped the brand voice, giving it a human quality that will help RAA connect with its members. It’s about being confident can doers, and practically progressive with a local spirit.

To help the RAA team understand their role in the successful delivery of the brand, we worked with the People and Culture team to redefine the organizational values, and develop a strategy and communications to embed them across the business.

Full case study coming soon.