A teacher showing a student how to dry a clients hair
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TAFE Gippsland

‘Federation Training’ had lost its identity and its connection with local communities, industries and people. Gippsland wanted its TAFE back – a stronger, better and bolder TAFE.

With a clear outline of the problem we needed to solve, we set out to win back the hearts of the people by uniting the diverse Gippsland region and its multiple TAFE campuses. Working closely with the brand and marketing team, we undertook interviews, workshops and research with students, employees, industry, government, schools and the broader community to shape the next chapter together.

Diagram exploring TAFE Gippsland's brand tone
Text image 'Transforming lives, businesses and communities across Gippsland' on dark green

We articulated a brand purpose that reflected how passionate everyone was about the role of TAFE – To change people’s lives through education. We then built upon this to create the brand idea of ‘transformation’, which resonated with teachers and students alike.

White TAFE Gippsland logo on a dark green background
The three colour families – Green, Magenta and Orange
Text image 'Turning talents into trades' on green

The new identity starts with a new name, TAFE Gippsland, and a new logo. It’s simple and bold, grounded and honest, with reversed A’s that visually represent transformation. A ‘page turn’ device serves as a recurring master graphic, positioning TAFE as a gateway to a world of exciting possibilities. And the vibrant colour palette, injecting youthful energy into every design, illustrates the diversity of the students, courses and region.

A sedan with the front wrapped in dark and light green, and the TAFE logo on the side
Dark green signage for Building 2 outside a building at a TAFE Gippsland campus
A collection of business cards for TAFFE Gippsland
A billboard with an image of a chef on one side and a tasty salad on the other. It says 'Ready for a taste of something new'
Quote from Grant Radford the CEO of TAFE Gippsland
A woman standing in a grassy area holding a canvas bag that says 'Bags of potential'
A orange takeaway cup with 'wake up and smell your potential'
A purple widow decal for TAFE with the text "Inspiring transformations in progress'
A spread and the folded cover of the TAFE broadsheet
Green cover of the 2019 Course Directory, with the image of a male student using a computer revealed by a folded corner

Together, these elements form the foundation of a compelling brand, full of colour, ambition and personality. The photography is real and relatable, and the design is dynamic and contemporary. The type is bold and the is messaging empowering, using language in a way that feels at once aspirational and accessible.

To evolve the user experience across TAFE Gippsland’s physical ecosystem, we partnered with wayfinding experts Isovist. Together, we created a well-considered and effective signage system that allows students, teachers and visitors to navigate the 12 campuses with ease.