• We’re always on the lookout for apps that make life that little bit easier. Milanote has stolen our hearts, and we love finding new and different ways to use it. Plus it was created by a talented bunch of creatives right here in Melbourne.⁣
It’s been handy for team activities like retros and story canvases, creative collaboration on mood boards and digital projects, even project and content planning. With existing templates and a beautifully considered interface, Milanote is intuitive to use and makes visual work easy when we’re not in the one location.
  • This value is something that has been on our mind a lot because looking out for each other has felt even more important recently. Recently for us, this has meant checking in with each other and with our clients, practising kindness and patience, being flexible and knowing that things aren’t BAU for everyone. And sometimes just finding ways to brighten someone’s day!⁣
In our work with not-for-profit social enterprises, we’ve met many organisations and people who make ‘got your back’ an art form. In the past few months, they’ve responded to our changing situation quickly, finding new and creative ways to support our wider community. Their vision and commitment inspire us every day.⁣
Keep an eye out in our stories this week for some recent initiatives we’ve seen from friends of Milo.
  • As everyone deals with the chaos and uncertainty of Covid-19, mental health organisations are experiencing a record influx of people reaching out for support. With our retail and hospitality industries taking a hard hit, and the pressures of adapting to home learning, it’s been a particularly challenging time for many young people.⁣
We’re incredibly proud to work with @headspace_aus who have been working even harder than usual over the last few months providing mental health support to young Australians. We worked together to develop this timely animation to encourage young people to support their mental health. Check out our stories for more.
  • WFH has it’s perks, but it’s also made us really appreciate our lovely studio space. Looking forward to being back in Guildford Lane soon 🙏
  • Our first value is one of our favourites. It’s also the one we work hardest at. It starts with the energy we bring in every day and flows through to our outlook on the work. But as one Milo put it so beautifully, it also means being mindful that not every situation can be positive in this ‘new normal’. Most of us have found practising acceptance, compassion and gratitude helpful for ourselves and each other, to find our optimism when little spillages happen.

Keep an eye out for our stories to see what’s been keeping our glass half full lately. We’d love to hear what’s working for you.
  • A few years ago, we came together as a team to define our values. For us, this formed the commitment we make to each other, our partners and clients, and informs the mindset we bring to our work. In adapting to the new normal, we noticed that the words we’d chosen carefully had somehow faded from our creative reviews and retros recently. We knew they were still there, connecting us together, but it did make us think that in challenging times, values can be tested. The times when we need them the most.

So over the next month, we’re talking about our values. We’ll share with you what they mean to us as we navigate life through these challenging times, together. And we’ll be thinking about what we might add or adapt to make them better. We’d love to hear from you along the way.
  • Like many businesses in Australia, we’ve made the call to start working remotely from today. We’re looking out for the wellbeing of our people and also doing our part to help everyone else in the community.

But aside from that, nothing has changed. We’re going to be progressing with our projects and delivering great work to our clients. And we want to say a big thank you to all of our clients for the ongoing support during these difficult and unprecedented times.

The situation is evolving every day right now, so we’ll keep you posted if anything changes. In the meantime, give us a call if you have any questions.
  • We love International Women’s Day because we’re so passionate about what it stands for – celebrating women’s achievements and fighting for gender equality. When Rach founded Milo thirteen years ago, she was already breaking gender stereotypes in the creative industry. And today, everyone who works here is recognised and celebrated for things like their creativity, dedication, problem-solving ability, teamwork and talent – regardless of their gender. When we look to the future, we imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to be seen for their incredible qualities. A world where all people are empowered to be at their very best. Don’t you? #IWD #eachforequal

We’re always on the lookout for talented, fun and passionate people to help make our team stronger and our work better. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.